Hail the Usurper!

Swords in the Night

A few miles outside Dumbarton

Sir Edgar the Valiant has tarried his household outside Dumbarton in April of 1095 during the War of Three Crowns. He has 500 men in his host, with 150 riders in his van, almost all save for 100 men of foot are mounted Norman Knights. These men are armored for campaign with accompanying baggage & fodder trains, servants, and smaller palfrey horses. They have prepared for a march to Monzievaird where King Duncan II has tarried a host on the fringes of the Moor of Bards. He and his well armed and provisioned retainers travel to meet with his brother and enemy claimant to kingship of Alba, Duncan, Thane of Glamis who styles himself King of Alba as King Duncan II, opposing the claims of both his youngest brother and his uncle, King Donald III.

Edgar is not convinced that his brother wishes to parlay at all, suspecting treachery on the march to the Moor of Bards. Men speak of the ravens circling overhead and Edgar believes that a black mark has fallen over the land following the death of his father. The Moor of Bards is famous for being the location of the end of the Mac Alpin dynasty in the year 1005 when the Usurper, Malcolm the Destroyer, raised half of Alba and Strathclyde in order to defeat kings Kenneth III & Giric II. He always believed it a sombre place where even his brave father never ventured.


Edgar the Valiant rides through his armies camp on their march to the Moor of Bards

The King rode with thirty retainers through his armies camp that night, circling around the active camp into the misty night with torches lit, the young Usurper proudly astride his orange & brown palfrey horse named Guillemete. He rode north and west across green hills, rocky glens, and rocky crags to scout the lands beyond where he had been encamped for the past day. Coming upon a well trodden road covered with a faint hint of green & brown moss, an ambush was sprung on the small party of men sworn to protect their king, Edgar the Valiant.

Two of Edgar’s men are slain from a distance with arrows. Charging hard for the assassins, (D20 15) Edgar runs one through with a spear, the lightly armored man is impaled and killed instantly. His men run over and and around the remaining six swords, killing them all save for one who is gravely wounded. He is a paid sword from across the sea in Ireland, hired by King Duncan II to kill his brother. The surviving assassins death is quick, a long steel dagger piercing his heart. As Edgar and his surviving men returned to camp with the bodies of their comrades in toe, steam arose from the slain bodies on the road as it began to lightly rain.


Go Edgar!

Swords in the Night
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