Donald III


Strength 3 Intelligence 7 Perception 8

Charisma 4 Agility 3 Endurance 6
Armor Class: 13 Health Points: 7 Honor: 15

Attack: 2 Defense: 2
Weapons: Shortsword & Dagger

Commands 8 Contingents.


Known also as the Donald the Fair, son of Duncan I, and the younger brother of King Malcolm III. Donalbane spent most of his youth abroad in Ireland and Northumbria following his fathers death at the hands of Macbeth, the Mormaer of Moray in 1040. He fought by his brothers side at the Battle of Dunsinane Hill in 1054, and in 1057, Donald the Fair commanded the vanguard of his brothers army in the Three Days Battles, at Dundurn, Forteviot, and Scone.

In the first battle at Dundurn, Prince Malcolm and Prince Donalbanes’ host was driven back by the hardened men of Moray, their spears toughened from long years of campaigning in the north against the relentless Orkneymen. As the two brothers fled the field, Donalbane who was renown for his skill with a bow, let one arrow loose which fatally wounded King Macbeth’s most trusted thane, Iomhair son of Moddan. The next morning Donalbane’s outriders skirmished with Macbeth and Lulach’s men, single handily defeating the royalist van before his brothers army arrived at Forterviot to complete the rout thus opening the road to Scone.

In the Storming of Scone, Donalbane was horribly injured attempting to take the keep of Scone, nearly loosing the use of his leg in a spear thrust, taking an arrow to the face and one to the shoulder before he was dragged away by his steward in thick of the melee. The struggle for Scone continued on until late into the evening when finally nearing midnight, the rebels breached the keep, only to find that King Lulach and Macbeth had fled north. Donalbane had lost more than half of his army, most of his experienced thanes were killed in the defeat of the 500 or so royalists who held the garrison in the name of King Lulach, all of whom perished in the defense. Gravely injured, he would spend the rest of his brothers war in Scone recovering from his injuries, absent from both the Battle of Lumphanan in 1057 and the Battle of Essie in 1058. After his brother was crowned, Donalbane served as his thane fighting the Orkneymen in the North and later traveling to England, Normandy, Rome, and Kiev on diplomatic missions.

Prince Donalbane took the throne after both King Malcolm and his oldest sons’ death in 1093 at the Battle of Alnwick. Donalbane was crowned in Scone as King Donald III, very shortly after agreeing to a treaty with Robert de Mowbray the Earl of Northumbria, ending the War for Northumbria 1093-1094. In the summer of 1094 both of King Donald’s nephews styled themselves King of Alba, with Prince Duncan deposing Donalbane and crowing himself Duncan II, King of Alba in Fife.

The War of Three Crowns begins after his youngest nephew Sir Edgar the Valiant, invades Strathclyde and crowns himself King of Alba as well. King Donald III has since fled to Loch Ness, where he and a loyalist contingent of 500 men enjoy the hospitality & protection of Macbeth the Younger, King of Moray & Thane of Inverness & Cromarty.

Portrait by Duhi.


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