King Duncan II, Thane of Glamis


Strength 2 Intelligence 8 Perception 7

Charisma 7 Agility 4 Endurance 3

Armor Class: 10 Health Points: 9

Attack: 2 Defense: 3

Shortsword & Dagger

Commands 100 Contingents. (90 Infantry and 10 Cavalry)

Cavalry Command: 10 Contingents of mounted knights.


Prince Duncan, styling himself King Duncan II, King of Alba, is the second son of Malcolm III. He lived for most of his youth in Norman England, as a noble hostage of King William beginning in 1075, returning eleven years later after he was knighted by King William in the year 1086. Upon his return to Scone he became an integral part of his father Malcolm’s court, below only the King and his eldest brother Prince Malcolm the Thane of Dùn Dèagh, who named him Thane of Glamis in his fathers name in the year 1087.

Duncan keeps a fortification and homestead in Glamis, though he long ago adopted all the ways of his Norman upbringing converting his personal keep into a castle-like citadel with religious trappings and an abundance of French wines and delicacies at hand. He keeps Norman and knighted Scots as retainers. By the laws of the Kingdom of Alba, Duncan did not inherit the throne after the death of his father and oldest brother in 1093 at the Battle of Alnwick, instead his uncle Donalbane was crowned as King Donald III in Scone.

In a renewal of his father and brothers’ war, Duncan invaded Northumbria in 1094 with an army of Men of Glamis, including clansmen from neighboring hills, & Irish Mercenaries, 1200 spears and 200 horsemen. The Prince hoping to either win part of Northumbria to both annex more territory and to drub up support for his ensuing claim to the crown. His campaign accomplished little by the time his uncle, King Donald III made peace with the Northumbrian Earl Robert de Mowbray in May of 1094.

In July 1094, Duncan claimed the crown of Alba, deposing his uncle King Donald III with the help of a small contingent of Northumbrians and 500 loyal men of Fife, Prince Duncan was crowned King of Alba in Fife and his uncle Donalbane fled north to Loch Ness.

Soon after King Duncan is forced from Fife by a vast host of Norman knights led by his younger brother, Sir Edgar the Valiant. In that same year his son and heir, William FitzDuncan, is born. Duncan and his royal court currently occupy Dùn Dèagh, with 700 spears and 300 Northumbrian and Irish mercenaries in his host, as well as Glamis and Dunkeld, with 500 spears each.

In the spring of 1095 he sent Irish assassins paid with his fathers’ gold and treasures, to kill his younger Sir Edgar the Valiant. They failed and were all killed in the attempt of Edgar’s live outside Dumbarton.

Duncan, the pretender, was killed in 1095 by Petair the Mormaer of Mearns.


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