Edgar the Valiant

King Edgar I


Strength 5 Intelligence 5 Perception 7

Charisma 8 Agility 8 Endurance 8
Armor Class: 15 Health Points: 13

Attack: 4 Defense: 4 Honor: 5


Longsword, Dagger, & Norman Shield (+2 Defense)

Commands 20 contingents.


Born in the year 1074, Sir Edgar the Valiant is the youngest son of King Malcolm III. As a boy he was sent to Northumbria and then to Normandy where he served as a member of King William the Conquerors court. He later served as a squire in France to Baron de Longvillers from 1084-1086, becoming a landed knight by the age of five and ten. A major revolt in the year 1087 threatened the life and reign of the Conqueror’s eldest son and heir, Sir Robert Curthose. Edgar fought for Duke Robert in a three month campaign which saw the majority of the rebel Norman lords scattered or put to the sword. Edgar was knighted in the ruins of the castle at Lillebonne by Duke Robert II and thus earned the name the Valiant. He still holds lands in Normandy as a loyal vassal of the Norman throne.

Learning of his fathers’ desire to make war with and annex Northumbria in the year 1092, Edgar sailed for Alba but was unable to reach his father’s army before both King Malcolm and his eldest brother Prince Malcolm the Thane of Dùn Dèagh were defeated and killed in the Battle of Alnwick in 1093. Edgar has remained patient however, enjoying the hospitality of the Normans in the South whilst awaiting to return to Alba.

Edgar the Valiant

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