Carthach macBróccan

The Hound of Ulster


Strength 10 Intelligence 3 Perception 6

Charisma 4 Agility 8 Endurance 8
Armor Class: 11 Health Points: 12 Honor: 14

Attack: 5 Defense: 4

Gáe Bulga (Legendary Weapon, Longspear, +2 Attack), Longsword, Heavy Wooden Shield, & Shortbow

Commands 1 Contingent.


Son of Bróccan, Carthach is known as the The Hound of Ulster, named so because of his ferocity in battle and for the two large wolfhounds which he often has in toe. Carthach is arguably the bravest and most masterful warrior in all of the kingdoms of Greater Alba. In the year 1066 he fought at the Battle of Fulford in the army King Harald III of Norway as a housecarl.

Later serving as housecarl to Robert de Mowbray, the Earl of Northumbria, the Hound of Ulster fought at the Battle of Alnwick, during the War for Northumbria, 1093-1094. During the melee the Hound of Ulster cut his way to the position of Prince Malcolm’s household killing eight men in as many minutes. In single combat the two young warriors met. Carthach killed Prince Malcolm’s horse with his longspear Gáe Bulga and then slain the eldest son and heir of King Malcolm III with a spear thrust through throat; taking his head as a trophy on the battlefield following the defeat of the Scottish host.

Since the great Northumbrian victory at Alnwick in the year 1093 and the end of the war with Alba in 1094, Carthach has returned to his home outside Clontarf, where his family has lived for many years. He wields the ancient Irish spear, Gáe Bulga-known commonly as the belly spear. This weapon was made from the bones of an ancient and terrible sea monster. The Hound of Ulster has mastered the art of throwing this ancient longspear from his back using his right foot in the style of the ancient Irish warrior.

Carthach macBróccan

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