King Malcolm Canmore

Malcolm Canmore, Prince of Cumbria, Prince of Alba, Malcolm III King of Alba


Strength 5 Intelligence 5 Perception 5

Charisma 9 Agility 5 Endurance 5
Armor Class: 11 Health Points: 7

Attack: 3 Defense: 3

Longspear, Longsword, Shortbow, & Dagger

At the Battle of Alnwick in the year 1093, King Malcolm commanded 126 contingents.


Prince Malcolm Canmore (Caennmor), from 1058 until his death, King Malcolm III was the son of King Duncan I. He was born in the year 1035. His younger brother, Donalbane was born in 1037. Canmore, alternately spelled Caennmor in his native lands, meaning literally large or great head. Malcolm was a respected war-captain and chieftain before he turned twenty years of age. Already a respected Anglo-Scots chieftain before he took the throne from Macbeth and his dim witted step-son King Lulach, Prince Malcolm lived in exile most of his youth in Northumbria and later in Cumbria after the death of his father at the hands of the usurper Macbeth. Malcolm was fostered by his uncle Siward Jarl of Northumbria, who became a major influence on him during his upbringing.

Prince Malcolm invaded Alba for the first time in the year 1054, with the armies of his uncle and with the allegiance of numerous Western Isle viking chieftains. He fought in all the major engagements of the invasion including the decisive victory over Macbeth at the Battle of Dunsinane Hill. Named Prince of Cumbria thereafter by his uncle Siward, eventually retreating to Cumbria upon Macbeth making good on his escape and fleeing to the safety of Elgin Castle in late August of the same year. Prince Malcolm Canmore’s Scottish and Norse army invaded Scotland a second time in the year 1057. Following his invasion Prince Malcolm defeats the royalist armies of King Macbeth in three separate battles in as many days, at Dundurn, Forteviot, and Scone. In the same year, Macbeth was intercepted and his army annihilated at the Battle of the Peelring of Lumphanan. The usurper, Macbeth, was slain by three spears, each hurled by one of Malcolm’s loyal housecarls, Mata, Seoc, and Horas. Malcolm killed Macbeth’s stepson King Lulach one year later while they parlayed before the Battle of Essie.

After slaying King Lulach and his retainers inside the treaty tent, Malcolm’s army, 10,000 strong, slaughtered the remnants of the royalist and Moravian armies leading to his ascendancy as King in the year 1058. King Malcolm Canmore makes war with England three separate times trying to expand south during his reign. He paid homage in 1470 to William I, King of England, giving his son Prince Duncan to him as a royal hostage. Despite this Malcolm makes war throughout his reign with the Kingdom of Northumbria, sacking the island of Lindisfarne in 1061, and pillaging Northumbria in great raids from 1069-1071, culminating in the Battle of Tweedsmuir in August of 1071. He was the victor at the Battle of Lannraig in the year 1073 over Jarl Einar of the Orkney and Shetland Islands, after the Jarl had invaded Strathclyde and plundered the land.

King Malcolm spent most of the 1080’s and early 1090’s trying to secure a lasting peace between Alba and the Kingdom of Moray; allowing Óengus the Mormaer of Moray to crown himself King of Moray in the year 1080. Malcolm was killed in the year 1093 at the Battle of Alnwick outside Sir Robert de Mowbray’s keep in Northumbri along with his eldest son Prince Malcolm. King Malcolm Canmore was slain by the steward of the Norman Earl of Northumbria, de Mowbray as he charged the Northumbrian vanguard despite his advanced age. The King had not know that his eldest son and heir, Prince Malcolm, had been killed by the Hound of Ulster. He was succeeded in death a month later by his brother Donalbane who was crowned King Donald III. As of the harvest of 1094, his two living sons, Duncan and Edgar the Valiant; currently fight for the throne of Alba with their dethroned uncle, Donalbane.

King Malcolm Canmore

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