King Magnus Barefoot

King of Norway and King of the Western Isles


Strength 7 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Charisma 7 Agility 8 Endurance 6
Armor Class: 12 Health Points: 11 Honor: 19

Attack: 3 Defense: 4


Legbiter (Longsword, Legendary Weapon, +2 Attack), Short Spear, Steel Shield, & Dagger

Commands 179 Contingents.


Born in the year 1067, Magnus Barefoot comes from a long line of Norwegian sailors, warriors, and reavers who settled in both Norway and Iceland. As a young man he gained his cognomen for never wearing boots nor foot wraps nor armored leggings in battle. Before he was yet five & ten, Magnus toured the Kingdom of Alba in 1083 as a royal retainer to the then King of Norway, Olaf I, a son of Harold Hardrada. As a young boy, he once visited the court of King Malcolm III. The KIng of Norway is a large man, his hair is golden & he wears a long and knotted reddish-blonde beard.

Magnus spent most of his life in the Western Isles, living briefly in Norway with his wife who later died of sickness in 1085. He then lived for a winter and long summer in Iceland as a settler in southern reaches of the isle. In the year 1087 he was ordered by King Magnus of Norway to sail and inhabit the Isle of Man, his uncle rearing him to become the next King of Norway and the Western Isles. When he grew into a man, Magnus became a housecarl in his uncles’ service.

Magnus planned an ambitious sea raid to begin in 1088 rivaling the legendary raids of Sigurd the Stout and his son Jarl Thorfinn The Mighty. His visions of plunder and reaving came to fruition when he embarked on the Great Sea Raid of 1088-1089, raiding and pillaging over fifteen large ports and settlements throughout the Irish Sea in two years of campaigning. His raid brought a fortune in plunder and slaves back to Norway in the Autumn months of 1089. In the year 1093, King Olaf III died and Magnus succeeded him as Magnus III, King of Norway and the Western Isles.

King Magnus Barefoot

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