Jarl of Northumbria


Strength 9 Intelligence 5 Perception 6

Charisma 5 Agility 6 Endurance 3

Armor Class: 12 Health Points: 6 Honor: 22

Attack: 6 Defense: 4


Battle Axe (Razor Sharp, +2), Iron Round Shield, & Shortsword

Siward Commanded 49 Contingents at the Battle of Battle of Dunsinnane Hill in 1054.


A Dane by birth, Siward came to Northumbria in the year 1025. Both Siward and his father had taken part in the summer raids; reaving & raiding along the south of Alba into Strathclyde and Northumbria during the reign of King Malcolm II. Eventually granted titles and lands in Northumbria, Siward became an important magnate and thane during the reigns of the Anglo-Saxon Kings, Cnut and then his son & heir, Harold Harefoot. Siward was named Jarl of Northumbria in the year 1031. As Jarl he took as his battle sigil the black boar; a beast feared by hunters for its tenacity and willingness to shed blood. Jarl Siward was the victor at the Battle of Carham in 1040, defeating the invading army of King Duncan I of Alba.

He led the armies of Northumbria in four long years of skirmishes, ambushes, and scattered battles against Thorfinn the Mighty’s viking invasion of Alba and Northumbria 1037-1041. Jarl Siward fostered his wife’s second son, Prince Malcolm Canmore in Northumbria at Alnwick, teaching the young man the ways of warfare and the finer details of Northern diplomacy. Siward assisted his nephew the young Prince Malcolm Canmore in an invasion of Alba in 1054 winning the Battle of Dunsinnane Hill in which Siward’s only son was slain in the fierce melee against the Men of Moray and Alba fighting for King Macbeth. Unable to continue their war with King Macbeth who had fled following his minor defeat; Siward and his armies returned home to Northumbria.

Though he had planned for another campaign into Alba, Siward became very ill with fever & dysentery in the winter of 1055, slowly wasting away to shadow of his former self. Bedridden for months and sensing his death was near, Jarl Siward demanded he be dressed in his armor; wielding his great battle axe and shield, Siward climbed up the tall battlements of York for the last time to gaze at his vast kingdom for the last time. Dressed proudly in the sigil of the black boar, his helmet adorned with the same fearsome symbol; Siward leapt hundreds of feet to his death rather than die like an animal kept in a pen awaiting its own slaughter. Siward died with no heir and thus the Saxon thane, Tostig Godwinson succeeded him as Jarl of Northumbria.


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