Ulf Haroldson

Son of King Harold Godwinson of England


Strength 5 Intelligence 5 Perception 9

Charisma 6 Agility 5 Endurance 6
Armor Class: 14 Health Points: 12

Attack: 3 Defense: 4 Honor: 8


Longsword. Shortsword, & Longbow

Commands 2 Longships and 1 Small Boat.

Sir Ulf is an experienced navigator and sailor.


Born in the year 1066, he is the youngest heir of the last Saxon King of England, Harold Godwinson, who was slain at the Battle of Hastings in October of 1066. His twin brother is Harold. Just babes in the arms of their mother Lady Edith, they fled to her brother Morcar’s land in Northumberland before they fled to Ireland. His eldest brothers Godwin and Edmund attacked southern England but were defeated and slain by Brien of Brittany in the year 1069.

Ulf Haroldson

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