William Rufus

William II, King Of England


Strength 3 Intelligence 8 Perception 6

Charisma 7 Agility 3 Endurance 5
Armor Class: 8 Health Points: 10 Honor: 14

Attack: 2 Defense: 2

Weapons: Shortsword & Dagger


William Rufus named so because of his ruddy complexion and red hair, is the third son of Content Not Found: william-the-conqueror_, _Content Not Found: william-the-conqueror of England. The favorite of his late father who named him heir to the throne of England shortly before his own death in 1087, King William II holds great influence in both the Duchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of Northumbria. Williams oldest brother, Duke Robert Curthose rules Normandy, whilst his second oldest brother Richard of Normandy was killed in the year 1074 in a hunting accident.

King William holds a long running friendship with his fathers’ man Robert de Mowbray, the Earl of Northumbria, Watcher of the North and the victor of the Battle of Alnwick in 1093 over the King of Alba, Malcolm Canmore. He has taken great interest in the affairs of the Kings of Alba, supporting Sir Edgar the Valiants’ claim to the throne in 1094, during the initial stages of the War of the Three Crowns.

William Rufus

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