Harald Fine Hair

Jarl of Orkney


Attack: +4

Str 3 Will 5

Dex 4 HP 12

Int 5 AP 18

Armor: 14

Special Abilities

Death Strike
Launch 1 immediate attack if killed.


Born in 1065, Harald Fine Hair became the Jarl of Orkney when his brother-in-law, King Olaf I of Norway names him the successor of Paul the son of Thorfinn the Mighty, who died heirless in 1091. Harald was the son of Jarl Halfdan the Black.

Harald is a stoic man, gentle in nature and soft in voice known particularly for his long, beautiful blonde hair. Harald prefers the confines of his family homestead in the Shetland Islands, though he is known amongst Orkney reavers and thanes as a fierce warrior. He has commanded the greatship Fenris for twelve years, fighting in the summer raids for fifteen years under Jarls Einar and Erlend, son of Thorfinn the Mighty.

As of 1094, Harald Fine Hair has remained in the Shetland Islands only journeying as far as Kirkvoe once since King Olaf I died. Harald has all but ignored the messengers and skalds sent from Thurso warning him of the start of the War of Three Crowns. He has been equally unresponsive to calls from the new King of Norway, Magnus Barefoot to renew his ancient oath of loyalty to the crown of Norway.

Harald Fine Hair

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