King Macbeth MacFinlay

Macbeth II, King of Moray, Thane of Cromarty and Thane of Inverness


Attack: +4

Str 4 Will 4

Dex 5 HP 10

Int 3 AP 19

Armor: 16

Special Abilities

Macbeth’s Revenge
Double Damage inflicted against
invaders of Moray.


Macbeth mac Finlay was born in the year 1076, the son of Ă“engus Mormaer and then King of Moray after 1080. He is the grandson of King Lulach, stepson and heir of King Macbeth. He became the King of Moray in 1087 at age of eleven after his fathers’ death, taking the throne as Macbeth II, King of Moray and Thane of Inverness.

In the year 1090, Macbeth II defeated a raiding party of Orkneymen led by Erlend the Jarl of Orkney who was wounded and captured in the skirmish. Just a boy at four and ten, the red haired Macbeth was already as strong and quick with a sword as a seasoned warrior.

He later executed the Jarl by beheading him with the ancestral sword of his father, King Oengus. The execution of Jarl Erlend went against the traditional custom which normally would have seen him ransomed rather than beheaded. The Orkneymen fear King Macbeth and few dare to launch raids too far inland near his lands.

Despite his relative youth, Macbeth II has worked relentlessly throughout his reign to rebuild the once powerful positions of the Kingdom of Moray following its great decline in the aftermath of the usurpation of both Macbeth and Lulach in 1057-1058 by Malcolm Canmore.

In 1093 Macbeth mac Finlay brought an army north across the Moray Firth after declaring war on his own thane the Thane of Cromarty. He invades the Cromarty Firth in the summer to take back the title he believes is rightfully his through King Lulach and King Macbeth before him.

The Men of Moray lay waste to Dingwall and Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth, crushing the resistance of the Thane of Cromarty. Macbeth names him and his sons outlaw banishing his eldest heirs to the Western Isles. Macbeth met the Thane of Cromarty outside Dingwall slaying him soon thereafter and thus retaking the title Thane of Cromarty.

Though the armies of Duncan and Edgar Valiant are at war in the South for control of the Kingdom of Alba, neither have yet to venture beyond the Grampian Mountains into the Kingdom of Moray.

King Macbeth MacFinlay

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