Petair, Mormaer of Angus and Mearns

Mormaer of Angus and Mearns


Strength 6 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Charisma 3 Agility 7 Endurance 5

Armor Class: 15 Health Points: 9

Attack: 5 Defense: 2

The Thane of Angus is a master swordsmen, +1 bonus to any Attack made with any Longsword or Shortsword

Weapons: Longsword & Dagger

Commands 17 Contingents


Born in the year 1064, Petair the Thane of Angus and Mormaer Mearns is the son of Loren the Mormaer of Angus Mearns who died in the year 1070.

Petair is tall and long legged thane known for his use of a longsword in battles and trials by combat alike. In his old age he has grown fatter but still retains his vigor.

Petair, Mormaer of Angus and Mearns

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