Thorfinn The Mighty

Jarl Of Orkney


Strength 7 Intelligence 7 Perception 7

Charisma 9 Agility 5 Endurance 6
Armor Class: 11 Health Points: 7 Honor 24

Attack: 3 Defense: 3


Battle Axe, Longsword, & Round Wooden Shield

Thorfinn captured Strathclyde in 1041 with 15 Contingents.

Commanded 6 Longships.


Grandson of King Malcolm II and the son of Jarl Sigurd the Stout who lost his life at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 fighting against the High King of Ireland Brian Boru. Raised in Norway and later in Orkney by his foster-father Thorkell, who taught him how to fight, sail, and how to lead men. Thorfinn became a respected raider and sailor as a result, reaving throughout the Western Isles, Orkney, Alba, and Moray during his teenage years as a thane pledging fealty to his eldest cousin the future King of Norway, Harold Hardrada.

He became Jarl of Orkney in 1020 after the death of his eldest brother Jarl Einar the Wry Mouth. Thorfinn gained great honor when as he killed Sigfus Skalbane on the deck of his greatship Loki in the year 1030. Thorfinn the Mighty fought in two notable battles against King Duncan I’s armies during his reign as the Jarl of Orkney. The first was known as the Battle of the Longships, named so because it was fought on the decks of five longships tied together in the middle of the Pentland Firth in the year 1038

With most of his Orkneymen dead or dieing and his household guard cut down, Thorfinn escaped by diving over the side of his longship, sinking deep enough to avoid Scottish arrows. He managed to flee King Duncan’s wrath and escaped to the isle of Hoy. In 1040, Thorfinn avenged his defeat at the Pentland Firth when he destroyed Duncan’s fleet at Deerness in the Orkney islands, narrowly missing a chance to sink the Kings’ flagship in the process. A year later he captured Strathclyde, withdrawing the entirety of his forces months later when Siward the Jarl of Northumbria raised an army against him.

Though he planned to invade Alba & Northumbria again soon after, Thorfinn instead became an ally of the Mormaer of Moray, Macbeth, who was beginning to openly court supporters for his bid to become the next King of Alba. Thorfinn sent his fleet in search of Vinland instead, a move unpopular with his thanes which nevertheless guaranteed a lasting peace between the Orkneymen and the men of Alba & Moray.

Throughout Macbeth’s reign as a result of their treaty in the year 1040, Thorfinn would remain a powerful ally of the King of Alba and Moray bringing a long period of virtually untarnished peace between Alba and the Norsemen from 1040-1059. Jarl Thorfinn converted to Christianity in the year 1050 later having two sons, Erlend and Paul who would succeed him after as his death. As Jarl of Orkney he participated in the summer raids in 1058-1059 for the last time in his life including his last forays into Moray and Alba in 1059-1062, renewing the ancient Norse-Moravian conflict in the north. Thorfinn the Mighty died when his greatship, Serpent sunk in a storm journeying to the Faroe Islands in the spring of 1065. Thorfinn the Mighty was succeeded by his distant cousin Einar, an Danish thane of little renown.

Thorfinn The Mighty

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