Titles, Ranks, and Supremacy

Active titles, ranks, and supremacy of the Greater Kingdoms of Alba, 1095

Any who holds the title of King over a sovereign and independent kingdom, including but not limited to the High King of Alba, King of England, King of Norway, & the High King of Ireland. The most illustrious and advantageous title in the Kingdoms, save for the King of England perhaps, the King of Alba uses the keep and the throne room of Scone as the traditional seat of power and control over the Kingdom of Alba.

Kings receive a +2 roll bonus to the Influence skill check

Mormaer, Earl/Jarl, & Lords
Often substituted for the English pronounced, Earl, the Jarls of Greater Alba are descendants of the first Norwegian and Danish invaders who took control of the Western Isles and then the Orkney Islands beginning in 900 AD. In 1094 only the Jarldom in the Orkney and Shetland islands remain independent, the proud Orkneymen paying homage to the Kings of Norway, who nevertheless are permitted to raise fleets to plunder Alba, Northumbria, and the Irish kingdoms at their discretion. Long ruled by Jarls in the Age of Legends, Northumbria is now ruled by southron Earls, Norman magnates who were installed by William the Conqueror after the Harrying of the North.

Mormaer is the most important position besides High King, which one can inherit or be elected to in the Kingdom of Alba. Known also as High Stewards or Sea Lords if they control a coastal or island keep, they are the most important asset, and dangerous liability to the power of the Kings of Alba.

Mormaers, Earls/Jarls, or Lords receive a +1 roll bonus to the Diplomacy skill check

Thanes (thegns) hold one of the most important and ceremonious titles in all of the Kingdoms. Prominent in Alba, the Western Isles, and in Northumbria, they are often loyal (and at times traitorous) servants to their king or paramount lord or Mormaer (high steward). Thanes may rule over small townships or vast estates. A thane may be granted the title of Mormaer (lord, sea-lord to be more specific) when he holds dominion over vast or significant land holdings in Alba. Many thanes command their own armies, raising hosts as large as 1,000 spears, while others serve as feudal guardians or marshals, raising men and serving the realm in the name of the King of Alba.

Thanes receive a +1 roll bonus to the Strategy skill check

A relatively new term to the Kingdom of Alba, knights originally hailed from the French kingdoms, landed noblemen who were granted land, titles, and small incomes from the crown for their service as fighting men. Knights made their first appearance in Alba following William the Bastard of Normandy’s, Harrying of the North in the late 1060’s following the Battle of Hastings. Anglo-Norman knights first come to Alba in considerable numbers following the duel invasions of the kingdom by the brothers, Duncan and Edgar, in 1094.

Knights receive a +1 roll bonus to the Tactics skill check

A War-Captain is either appointed by a king or lord, or elected by his fellow warriors. The ideal man would have to be stout in melee, valiant in the attack and defense, and relentless in the pursuit of his enemy, whoever and wherever he may roam. Many war-captains are professional soldiers, who fought from Alba, to Northumbria, and the Isles, in the Irish and Scandinavian power struggles centered around the Irish Sea.

War-Captains receive a +1 roll bonus to the Tactics skill check

Major Thanedoms, Titles, and Honours of Alba

Mormaer of Angus and Mearns (Joined in the year 1017 AD) Petair

Mormaer of Argyll

Mormaer of Moray

Mormaer of Mull Angus Mòrs

Thane of Atholl

Thane of Banff

Thane of Cawdor

Thane of Dunfermline

Thane of Dùn Dèagh

Thane of Essie

Thane of Glamis Duncan son of Malcolm III

Thane of Fife

Thane of Findhorn Slevin MacDaira

Thane of Inverness

Thane of Inveraray Orren

Thane of Oban Malcolm MacSweeny

Thane of Spey

Special Titles and Positions

Duke of Normandy

King of Norway

King of the Danes or King of Daneland

Jarl of the Faroe Isles or the Jarl of the Goats

High Monk of Alba


Titles, Ranks, and Supremacy

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